Maha-Vairocana Zen Cultivation Center
  Maha-Vairocana is a Sanskrit term meaning “All Pervading Brightness”. Our Chinese name
is a transliteration of this word.
The Maha-vairocana Zen Cultivation Center maintains the vitality of Sakyamuni Buddha's teaching:
“To disclose the true nature of the cosmos, so as to realize a life free of fear and full of joy.”
This involves:
● Thorough study of the Buddhist Canon.
● Training in both active and still Zen practice.
● Directly realizing the Buddha's teaching of the true reality of the cosmos
through “developing, proving, awakening, and entering”
MVZCC uses an orderly systematic curriculum:
● To develop each being's bright nature and boundless wisdom, which are one with the Buddha.
● To benefit the universe and all beings through self cultivation and realization.
● To let the Dharma's brightness pass over all time-space illuminating the whole Dharma realm.